Day 29

Vietjet 0/10

January 15, 2016

      It was our last morning in Phu Quoc. Early that afternoon we were scheduled to fly back to Ho Chi Minh. Our flight was delayed again, as it had been on the way to Phu Quoc, this time until 1:00pm. We didn’t complain too much, as we wanted to soak in as much of the island as we could before we had to leave. It also gave us time to go back to the Heaven restaurant for breakfast and enjoy their coffee, blowing off the disappointing free breakfast at the hostel. Again I got PB&J for breakfast but here it came with iced milk coffee and fruit, filling me up substantially more, plus I felt better giving our service and money to a great local place. Once we had finished breakfast we returned our motorbikes to the rental place and finished packing before calling a cab to the airport. This time we paid for our bags in advance, knowing we would have to checked them. It was half the price to pay in advance, so $7 instead of $14. 

       Of coarse as is Vietjet style (I do not recommend flying this airline if you can avoid it) we were delayed again when we got to the airport, another 2 hours. I got a lot of reading done while we waited but we certainly felt like we were wasting the day away just sitting in the airport. The flight was quick and I got a fast nap in before we landed. Of course, in rhythm with the rest of the day, our bags were the very last off the plane, which wasted even more time. The driver we had hired to take us to our new hostel was a very short, yet confident man. A Tom Cruise type. He walked quickly and firmly, like he was ready to fight anyone that made fun of his small stature.

       Traffic was awful, probably the worst we’ve seen it. It took almost an hour to get to our hostel from the airport and by then it was after 5pm. The whole day had basically been shot. Our hostel was cute though, another fourth floor walk up to our room. A very nice worker insisted on carrying both of our heavy backpacks up to our room for us, even through our protests. When we got into our room though the air conditioning wasn't working, which in Vietnam basically means certain death. The staff was very attentive getting this resolved for us though. The room had it's own bathroom, which was separated from the bedroom by only a shower curtain. The toilet was located inside the shower. We made serval jokes about the endless possibilities of having a toilet in your shower before finding a place to eat dinner. We eventually settled on an Indian restaurant called Baba's Kitchen and it was awesome! The service was great too and I was glad because I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. After dinner we were both so tired we just walked back to our room and laid down to watch movies and prepare for the next legs of our trip. We watched the “The Last Samurai” and “Bad Teacher” while we reminisced about our travels together over the last few weeks. In the morning Mary and I would be separating when she boarded her flight to Australia. 

The Movie

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